We get involved at a tax planning stage, before a CPA typically steps in. This allows us to understand your unique situation for this tax season—and assist you in strategizing for future ones.

Treat taxes like a final exam—not a pop quiz.

We believe in thorough tax planning and preparation, just like a major exam that requires forethought and some necessary stress to get it done. While a pop quiz comes as a surprise, doesn’t count much, and isn’t fair, your taxes don’t need to be any of those. You can succeed like a straight-A student.

We mindfully utilize industry knowledge to approach taxes.

Our range of tax performance-improving strategies include: retirement investment vehicles, business investment opportunities, deductible expenses overlooked by other preparers, and business entity selection. We help optimize your process—and make sure you’re not overpaying in taxes.

Benefits of Our Tax Services

Mindfulness of the Future

We optimize your tax situation and guide you towards a better financial position—now and going forward.

Teaching Skills

We teach you how to document what you need to and keep you aware of any tax system changes throughout the year.

Best Practices

Within the confines of the tax system, we use our industry knowledge to find the best ways to approach taxes.

Top-Notch Analysis

We use our powers of financial analysis—beyond tax planning and preparation—to improve your company’s financial wellbeing.

“We’ve worked with Paul Redfern since 2017. From business accounting, to tax planning and preparation, and compilations, they have been a trusted resource for our accounting and finance needs.”

Jason Schwartz
i3Tech & The Emiliani Project

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