When you’re passionate about what you do, taking care of finances can be a burden—and weigh down your momentum. That’s why we offer financial consulting and solutions that help your organization succeed.

Find financial clarity, insight, and wisdom.

We support your organization as your CPA and specialized consultant. We help you discover where your operations can improve, how to approach staffing, and what to do about your budget. We’re dedicated to open communication, so ask us your trickiest financial questions anytime.

Turn the corner—and achieve more.

With our consulting, you’ll move beyond your current operations to a better future. We’re committed to your success. To further improve your business or Not for Profit Organization, you can also join our consulting services with our accounting, tax, and audit offerings.

Benefits of Our Consulting

Better Decisions

With timely and accurate information, you can make sound choices.

More Time

Focus on your area of expertise while we focus on ours.

Less Expensive

Our services usually reduce your tax bill.

Peace of Mind

Breathe a sigh of relief—your finances are in good hands.

“Paul brings a high level of knowledge both in accounting and business to leaders who are looking for both accurate and informative financial systems. If you are a leader with a need for a part-time CFO or business consultant, I would highly recommend meeting Paul!”

John Ohanian
2-1-1 San Diego

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